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Technology is altering business landscapes

Across Sub-Saharan Africa, it is widely recognised that the rising economic and business impact of information technology means that competition will heat up for skilled Technology workers. People with higher-level skills will become even more in-demand and so a re-think of the dynamics of and access to Technology education now becomes a critical priority for both business and government agencies and leaders. Capability must be created for future demand

Technology remains ever so dynamic. Up until recently, the focus had been on programming technologies, but today the direction has changed with attention now on technologies like mobile computing, cloud computing and software as a service. This, of course, is a reflection of today's demand for not only ubiquitous but also low-cost computing solutions.

Today, the number of Internet-connected devices has passed the 12 billion mark

Who We Are

Technology Education: Advisory and Management Consulting


We provide Technology Education advisory services to government agencies at the local, central, state and national levels across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our focus is on the Information Technology sector, and we support our clients in defining strategies and roadmaps for building tomorrow's technology workforce, which in turn facilitates their climb up the technology maturity curve and their eventual emergence as the first set of the continent's newest digital economies.

We support the various government agencies and institutions of learning in defining and creating policies, strategies and roadmaps for building tomorrow's cavalry of well qualified, highly skilled and internationally portable human capital who are immediately employable and able to add value from the start.

Our global experience and exposure affords us the expertise to successfully evaluate, analyse, advise, design, develop, implement, and manage Technology Education curricula with a view to meeting particular and peculiar workforce needs and relevance; on behalf of Government Agencies, Non-Governmental Organisations, and Private concerns (or individuals), thereby bringing about economic gains to all concerned.

What we do

Building tomorrow's technology workforce and intellectual capabilities

  • Information technology curriculum health checks and assessments.
  • Information technology curriculum design for educational institutions.
  • Overhaul of Information Technology departments within educational institutions.
  • Creation of Information Technology departments within educational institutions.
  • Management and support of Information Technology departments within tertiary educational institutions.

We work with various arms of government helping to plan, implement and build their technology workforce and intellectual capability for the future. We help countries plan for and prepare to fill the imminent inevitable cyclical skills shortage within the technology workforce. Inevitable because of the regular high-speed emergence of new technology We help kick off the process today of incubating, nurturing and developing a world-class quality Technology workforce; for strategic and economic growth, presence, and relevance. We do this through the design, introduction, and implementation of dynamic and forward thinking Technology Education Curriculums. Our initiatives and solutions include working with Government agencies, Non-governmental organisations and Private concerns (or individuals) around the world to:

  • Analyse and advise on current region specific Technology Education policies with a view to identifying how to strategically depart from implemented incompatible with current and future market requirements
  • Design, develop, implement and manage key Technology Education initiatives and to help create the next generation of IT Professionals Change current Technology Education policy where dated and introducing a new "technology skills" factory model.
  • Our passion is to help our clients take and maintain their place within the global technology leadership forum. We believe that for any country's workforce to take its place on the global technology stage, computer literacy must now become a basic component of the current educational policy.

Why us

  • We are well placed to support you in the creation or refresh of your Information Technology education curricula.
  • We are learning sector specialists with more than a decade‚Äôs experience.
  • We have global exposure and reach, delivering consultancy and training worldwide.
  • We have a team of in-house specialists and access to a network of highly skilled Consultants.
  • We pride ourselves on listening to our customers' specific needs and providing practical solutions.
  • We are uniquely and singularly focused on Information Technology education.


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